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Pink champagne, also known as rose champagne, is a champagne that is more pink in color than other types of champagne. The beginning origination of pink champagne actually started in the United States in the 1920’s around the time of prohibition. The pink champagne (actually just a “burgundy” wine) that was created then was not a true champagne and lacked the flavor of traditional rose champagnes. But, this is what gave the large champagne houses in France the realization that there was a market for a truly pink champagne.

Pink champagnes are made in one of two ways: 1) red wine is added to white wine until the preferred color is reached, or 2) the skins of the black grapes (champagne is almost always made from two-third black grapes, one-third white) are left with the juice after pressing, which dyes it a light red, or pink, color. The last method (using the grape skins as a dye) is the most commonly used and preferred method for creating pink champagne.

Pink Champanges tend to taste a little fruity, but they can be sweet or non-sweet depending on the maker. You'll want to look up the website for a given maker of pink Champange - or check out the neck tag at your local wine shop - to know exactly what flavors are in a specific Pink Champagne you want to try.

Almost all of the major champagne houses produce some sort of rose champagne, including Laurent-Perrier, Krug, Pommery & Greno, Taittinger, and more. There are also many houses in the United States that produce pink wines, but these are not technically pink champagne, because in order for a sparkling wine to be given the name “champagne” it has to have been created in the Champagne region of France. However, there are good pink sparkling wines to be found that are manufactured by some United States houses, including Domaine Chandon, Iron Horse, and Piper Sonoma.

Tips to buy Pink Champagne:

  • Understand what makes pink champagne pink.
  • Comprehend the flavor characteristics of pink champagne. This champagne shares the same flavor characteristics as traditional champagne: bright and lively fresh fruit flavors and a well-balanced body.
  • You can find Pink champagne with its other name: Rose champagne
  • Go to wine websites and online auctions such as Wine Searcher to find the best prices for pink champagne. Searching online also will give you a good idea of price ranges.
  • Choose Veuve Clicquot, Moet and Chandon, and Louis Roederer for outstanding pink champagnes. These champagne houses have long and storied histories, so expect to pay higher prices for their pink champagne.